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The Dutch Derailleur Hanger :)

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skorbuly 28 mei 2022 16:45

Hi all,

My son has a Camiel Van Den Bergh cyclocross bike (26") and he bent the derailleur hanger last week. I adjusted it, but it's a little used now, so I decided to buy a spare one.

I looked through ALL the specific sites on the interwebz but didn't find the right one.

I found the bicycle shop of Camiel that sold these bikes in Gelderland, but unfortunately it's closed now so I can't ask them.

If somebody recognise this, please let me know.

(ps: sorry for the English language)

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Or this one. ... ositie=187

Unfortunately this comes down to finding a matching one from the images. Its probably just some generic import frame, so the 'brand' becomes irrelevant.
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skorbuly 31 mei 2022 12:22

Thanks for the tips but I had no luck with these sites. Unfortunately they haven't got this kind of hanger.

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Chefske 31 mei 2022 16:02

Try Aliexpress, it did the trick for me last time.
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Janjan 31 mei 2022 17:46

If all else fails, you can have your original part copied by a metal processing (CNC) company.

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Ramon73 01 jun 2022 16:23

klimmer schreef: 28 mei 2022 18:52 Check this one:
Rather expensive. I paid about €30 for a hanger at dr-cannondale. Schaltauge charges €40.
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