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MHayden 25 apr 2017 11:17

Hi everyone,

I hope you don't mind me posting in English but I'm not a Dutch speaker. I am currently a Master student at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam where I am studying Business and Economics. For my thesis I am investigating how people make the decision to buy bicycle insurance and as part of that I need to interview 6 or 7 people.

I wanted to ask if any members of this forum would be willing to meet with me for 30 minutes or less to discuss their bicycle insurance in the next three weeks.

There are some criteria for whom I can and cannot interview but I can go through them with you before we meet. The main one is that you should be ok speaking English.

I can travel to meet you so you do not need to come to Rotterdam- however I don't have a car so if you live near a train or bus station that would be best.

If you're interested please reply to this post or drop me a private message.

I would really appreciate any help with this.

Thank you so much!

Meadhbh Hayden

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Gebruikersavatar Lcsmet 25 apr 2017 11:54

Don't race what you can't replace :)
Vandaag is de morgen waar je gisteren zo bezorgd over was.

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marsel 25 apr 2017 15:01

Maybe a bit inefficient to meet with just one person at a time? Why don't just go to a big bike shop for a day and ask people to answer a couple of questions. Maybe interesting to do that eg. at a local bikeshop, 12gobiking and Rapha Cycling Club and compare the results ;-)

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Gebruikersavatar TumTumTum 25 apr 2017 22:19

Veni. Vidi. Fietsie.

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Gebruikersavatar Sweety2008 26 apr 2017 16:08

Ja. :lol:
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